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  Ever Green Memories
Ever Green Memories

In each of our lives, there are moments of pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness that mold our thoughts and behavior. They affect our personalities and our actions and these together shape us into the people that we now are.

But every now and again, we experience moments so profound, and of such majesty that they pierce our each and every pore.These are moments that shake our very foundations, transforming our lives into something unrecognizable from its former self.

At the Family Shibir 2000 held at Nottinggham University, we were part of an experience so unique that those that attended will fail to find the words to describe it.

It was a time when the divine met the earthly; and they played together with the innocence of children under a canopy permeated with laughter and joy.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj touched each of us, and with the selfless love of a father, showed us how to unite and rejoice.

As the theme of the Shibir 'Aap Rijo Em Raaji' became a part of us, and as the puppeteer commands his puppet, we became one.

Duration: 120 minutes

Produced by:  Audio-Visual Department, BAPS
Published by: Swaminarayan Aksharpith, Amdavad - 4, INDIA.
Copyright:      © Swaminarayan Aksharpith, Amdavad - 4, INDIA.

Available at all BAPS centers in India, UK, USA, Australia & E. Africa

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