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Nishkulanand Swami has written this scriptural text in Gujarati and has chiefly employed the famous 'Chopai' stanza form. The author was born in a most insignificant village called Shekhpat and was an illiterate person. Even then, by the grace of Maharaj he could compose in verses which shows deep devotion towards Maharaj. There are 164 chapters in this book. Besides depicting the divine exploits of Maharaj, the poet has vividly described the celebration of Holi and Annakut festivals. He has described in detail the places visited by Maharaj and has given a list of eminent devotees belonging to respective towns and villages. Chapter 64 popularly called Fagva Chapter is familiar to all the members of the divine fellowship. Chapters 76, and 103 to 105 are most important ones because they deal with the concept of the Supremacy of Maharaj. Chapters 106 to 110 which deal with the great subjects like freedom from passion, freedom from avarice, freedom from taste, non-attachment and freedom from ego, are also worthy of our considered attention and serious study. In Chapter 102, the poet has paid great tribute to the divine glory of Maharaj and has depicted His exploits with deep devotion. This shows what a great devotee the Swami was. Those devotees who love to ponder upon the glorious divine exploits of Maharaj look upon this book as a wish fulfilling gem and, therefore, it has been rightly called "Bhakta Chintamani"-the wish-fulfilling gem of the devotees. His Divine Holiness Shastriji Maharaj always recommended the chanting of the verses from this book to overcome difficulties.

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