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Satsangi Jivan

Satsangi-Jivan is one of the principal scriptures of our Fellowship. It is written in Sanskrit. Its author is Shatanand Muni. Once at Gadhapur, after composing some verses in praise of Maharaj, when he read out to Maharaj, the Lord became very happy and asked him to ask for a boon. Shatanand replied, "'Maharaj, I don't wish to have anything. If You are really pleased with my work, please grant me permission to compose a work depicting Your divine exploits on this earth. This will bestow great bliss and I shall feel redeemed." Lord Swaminarayan bestowed upon him His choicest favors and commanded him to write a book on His life. Thus this great book was begun on the 6th day of the bright half of Magshar. V. S 1885, at Gachapur. While the work was in progress, Shatanand Muni continued to stay at Gadhapur- Everyday he took his work to the leading saints and Shriji Maharaj and sought their consent. Thus this work became an authentic scripture of our Fellowship. There are five chapters depicting the divine exploits of our Lord, Shree Sahajanand Swami, in this book. This book contains the constitution and brief history of our Uddhav Sampraday. Besides this, it contains code of conduct for Acharyas and their wives, demarcation of the two regions known as Deshas Shatanand Muni has also composed valuable works like Dharmamrit and Nishkamshuddhi, which are very much useful to Brahmacharis, Sadhus and Parshads. He has elaborated the methods of performing vows like Ekadashi and Chandrayana, etc.. We also find details about the mode of worshipping God and expiation of sins. Shatanand Muni has beautifully explained Dharma, Gnana, Vairagya and Bhakti. He has elaborated the philosophy of Vishishta-advaita. Thus Satsangi-Jivan remains a priceless and matchless book of our Fellowship. His Divine Holiness Shashtriji Maharaj had given many discourses on this book. He always highlighted the tales of Kushalkunvarba of Dharampur and Bhalchandra Sheth of Surat to emphasize the importance and significance of the path of devotion. His own devotional fervor used to cast a divine spell on the assembly.

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