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Shri Hari Leela Kalpataru

The origin of Shri Hari Leela Kalpataru has an interesting history behind it. Once Aksharbrahman Gunatitanand Swami had arrived at Vadtal to participate in a festival. Acharya Raghuvirji Maharaj was presiding over the religious assembly. Three champa flowers were lying on his cushion. When Swami saw the flowers, he remarked, "Some people can reach this flower, some may reach this second one, but none is able to reach the third one," With these words, Swami picked up the third flower and gave it to an erudite scholar Brahmachari Achintyanandji and said, "Some people likened Maharaj to Lord Rama, some to Lord Krishna, but they failed to see that the Lord of Akshardham, which is above Vaikuntha and Goloka, Shri Hari Himself-the fountain head of all incarnations-has descended in human form on this earth. Therefore, please compose a book depicting the glory of Lord Swaminarayan who is God of the gods and cause of all the incarnations." Achintyanand Brahmachari gratefully accepted the flower from Swami and, without aspiring for name or fame, composed the unique Shri Hari Leela Kalpataru in the name of Acharya Shri Raghuvirji Maharaj. In this book the divine exploits of Lord Swaminarayan have been eulogized. The seekers derive appropriate lessons on Dharma, Gnana, Vairagya and Bhakti from the episodes depicting the divine exploits of Lord Swaminarayan on this earth The poet has boldly highlighted the fact that Lord Swaminarayan is Supreme among all the incarnations. He has also tried to tell the people that Gunatitanand Swami is the manifest form of Akshar, the divine abode of Lord Swaminarayan. In all, there are twelve Cantos and 33,000 verses. The description of Maharaj's image is graphic. The narration of divine exploits of Maharaj in His human form has the flavor of deep devotion. It makes the reader experience Maharaj's divinity in his heart. He has surpassed great poets in the employment of various embellishments like figures of speech and meters. It has all the qualities of a great literary work. There is a famous verse in Sanskrit which runs as under;
"Upamaa Kaalidaasesya bhaaraverarthagauravam,
Dandinaha padalaalityam maaghe santi trayogunaha."
This religious book can boast of having all these three rare merits of simile, rich meaning and delicate versification. Brahmachari Achintyanandji is another Magha in our literature. Sixth Canto of this work has been revered as the heart of Lord Swaminarayan. This book has been translated into Gujarati by the great scholar Shastri Shri Shwetvaikunthadasji of Vadtal. It is available in four volumes and contains the blessings of Acharya Shri Anandprasadji Maharaj. His Divine Holiness Yogiji Maharaj had encouraged the publication of this book and thus enhanced its glory.

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