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Shri Hari-Leelamrut

Shri Hari-Leelamrut is a great landmark in Gujarati literature. It is rich with all the historical facts about our Fellowship. This book was written by the great Gujarati poet Dalpatram, but its authorship was given to Acharya Shri Viharilalji Maharaj. In those days metrical compositions and Chitra-prabandh were woven together. This was a very popular style of writing. One feels like reading and listening to the verses of this book because it possesses all the qualities of a great literary work - the use of different meters, heart penetrating preaching, embellishments, and lyricism. The didactic verses which come to us in Upajati meter is priceless. Besides the life of Maharaj, we have in this book stories on eminent devotees. Acharyashri has spared no pains in telling us about the supremacy of Lord Swaminarayan . It speaks of deep devotion towards Maharaj.

Besides these great scriptures of our Fellowship, there are many other books worth reading, such as - The Life of Gunatitanand Swami, The Life of Pragji Bhakta, The Life of Shastriji Maharaj and The Life of Yogiji Maharaj. Shri Harshadbhai Dave, a great devotee and eminent authority on Swaminarayan Philosophy, has carried further the Gnanayagna begun by great saints like Sadguru Nishkulanand Swami, Akshar Murti Gunatitanand Swami and many other luminaries of our Sampraday.

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