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From time to time Lord Swaminarayan used to write to the Paramhansas and preach them indirectly. This book divided into five chapters contains the teachings of Maharaj. On each topic there is a separate chapter. Thus, we have Lord Swaminarayan's views on - freedom from avarice, freedom from p assion, freedom from taste, non-attachment and freedom from ego. In the chapter on the vow of freedom from ego, Lord Swaminarayan writes to the Paramhansas : ''In this letter We are writing about Brahmavidya for your benefit. We are thus revealing Our true Self which is at the heart of all the Upanishads." Thus, this work too, is of great significance. This book contains the divine wisdom of Lord Swaminarayan and is of great help to those ascetics who are aiming to be Brahmanised during their life on the earth. It is a sure guide to the attainment of the state of released souls. Akshar-Brahman is the divine abode of the Supreme Godhead; it is eternally in the service of Maharaj in the manifest form of the choicest devotee. To accept this Akshar-Brahman as our 'Atma', i.e., to worship God with firm faith and complete identification of our own selves with this Akshar-Brahman is the central preaching of this book. In this great work Lord Swaminarayan has pointed toward the golden path of worshipping Purushottam Narayan while retaining Swami-Sevak Bhava (Master - Servant attitude), rigorously following the vows of panchvartmans. By identifying oneself with Akshar-Brahman in the form of one's spiritual master, one can easily attain this.

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