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Yogiji Maharaj
Yogiji Maharaj


Birth of Jinabhai

In the small town of Dhari in the Amreli District of Saurashtra there lived a devotee by the name of Devchandbhai Vasanji of the Lohana community. Jethabhai, the grandfather of Devchandbhai, was a blessed devotee of Shriji Maharaj.
Yogiji Maharaj, the son of Devchandbhai, was born in Dhari on 23 May 1892 (Vaishakh vad 12, V.S. 1948). His mother’s name was Puribai. His childhood name was Jinabhai, but his parents lovingly called him ‘Jina’. Jina was loved by everyone. All were captivated by his handsome, shining face.
When Jina was a child, his mother took him with her to the cotton farm every day. Other women of the village who came to pluck cotton also brought their children with them. The women would leave their children under the shade of a tree, before commencing their work in the fields. Sometimes their children, failing to see their mothers, would cry loudly. This infuriated the farm owner. He scolded the women daily, “Why do you bring your wailing children to my farm?”
The farmer, however, never became angry with Jina’s mother. Looking at Jina, the owner always remarked, “Jina is a miracle child. Look, he always sucks his toe, just as Shri Krishna did. Puribai, one day everybody will fall at his feet. They will worship him.”
Gradually, Jina grew up and he was popularly called Jinabhai. Jinabhai, though young, had a strong liking for simplicity and cleanliness. He enjoyed nothing more than to engage in bhakti and singing bhajans.

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