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Yogiji Maharaj
Yogiji Maharaj


Youth Centres and Satsang Assemblies

Yogiji Maharaj had been conducting weekly satsang assemblies of the devotees for a long time. After the departure of Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj injected a new vigour into these activities. Gradually, he established a youth wing (Yuvak Mandal). In the beginning, only a few youths attended the assemblies. The organizers, therefore, were somewhat discouraged. But Swamiji lovingly encouraged them, “Happiness lies in obeying commands. Your youth centre will flourish. So, be patient. Bring new youth friends to the assembly. Conduct discourses and explain our messages. Then, by Maharaj’s grace, the number of youths will increase.” If any centre had stopped, he would restart it. Thus, he established youth centres in every village or city he visited. He kept a record and encouraged them by writing to the members regularly. In no time, many youth centres sprang up in Gujarat. In many places assemblies were also organized for children (Bal Mandal) to teach them the knowledge of satsang.
Yogiji Maharaj often said, “One should attend the weekly youth or satsang assembly even if one has to forego a profit of Rs. 25,000. It is not possible to meet the devotees individually in their homes. But if we attend the satsang assembly, then we can meet all the elders and youths at the same time. We also get to learn about the moral and spiritual beliefs of our Sanstha. Moreover, at such gatherings, Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami and Shastriji Maharaj are divinely present. So one should never miss these satsang assemblies.”
Yogiji Maharaj took keen interest in all the activities of the youths. He intently observed their activities such as public speaking, yoga asans, bands, dramas and ras. He blessed them and applauded their efforts. He would listen attentively to their articles which were read out to him from the handwritten magazines they had prepared. Yogiji Maharaj used to say, “A handwritten magazine should be put out every three months.”

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