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Yogiji Maharaj
Yogiji Maharaj


Youths Become Sadhus

Within ten years Yogiji Maharaj had formed groups of dedicated and trained youths in many different towns. By his wish, even at home these youths led a simple and pious life. They fasted every fifth day and slept on a simple mat without using even a pillow. They had cold water baths every morning and made it a point to apply tilak-chandlo on their foreheads. They did not eat or drink anything that was not prepared at home. And they never saw any films.
By the wish of Yogiji Maharaj, many such youths were inspired to become sadhus. He would ask, “I want you to become a sadhu. Will you?” Hearing these loving words, the educated youths readily agreed.
Once, Yogiji Maharaj wrote a letter to a youth who wanted to become sadhu, “I do not want to make you a sadhu to serve me, but I want to teach you brahmavidya, which will enable you to attain Ekantik Dharma. I want to help you attain moksha. Through you, thousands will join Satsang. The Akshar Purushottam philosophy will spread throughout the world.” Many parents realized the lofty ideals of Swamiji and willingly agreed to dedicate their beloved sons to the Sanstha and its noble task. A large group of highly educated young men was soon ready and eager for initiation into the sadhu-fold.
On 11 May 1961 (Vaishakh vad 12, V.S. 2017), the 70th birthday of Yogiji Maharaj, the spires of Gadhada mandir were fitted with golden kalashes. On this auspicious day Yogiji Maharaj initiated 51 educated youths into the sadhu-fold. After Bhagwan Swaminarayan, in the entire history of the Swaminarayan Sampraday and spirituality, it was the first time that 51 educated youths were being initiated into the sadhu-fold. The credit goes wholly to Yogiji Maharaj. This occasion will be written in letters of gold in the annals of the Sanstha’s history.
After this, many educated youths from India as well as England, Africa and other places approached Swamishri to be initiated as sadhus. This gave a great impetus to the Satsang. Later, these young sadhus trained and nurtured by Yogiji Maharaj from their pre-initiation days, toured throughout India and abroad to explain to people the true doctrine of Akshar and Purushottam. They totally dedicated themselves to the noble service of Yogiji Maharaj and the Satsang.

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