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Tribal Care



To uplift the tribal people, fishermen and other lower sections of society, BAPS has organized a variety of activities that have brought about a considerable amount of change.

Medical Help
Medical services of every type are becoming costlier day by day. Tribal people, the untouchable class or the fishermen find it difficult to provide proper medical attention to themselves and their families. BAPS realizing the problems helps in every way possible.

  • In the tribal area of Dadra-Nagarhaveli, BAPS provides free ambulance service equipped with oxygen and first-aid facilities. Sometimes it has happened that a patient needs immediate attention and has to be rushed to Mumbai or Surat. On such occasions, the ambulance provided by BAPS provides the service.
  • Every Sunday, free medicines are distributed for illnesses like kidney stones in Dadra-Nagarhaveli. Free medicine distribution is also conducted in other areas. General Health check-up and other medical camps and seminars are organized to benefit the villagers.
  • Blood donation camps are organized frequently. On request blood cards are given free to the people which they can use to obtain blood from the blood banks at low cost.

Educational Help
BAPS has set up all types of educational help for people coming from the lower section of society. Living in the jungles of Gujarat, education was unheard of. The sadhus and volunteers of BAPS fanned out through the jungles to convince people to send their children to school. As a result of these efforts many of these tribal students have gained degrees and awards in Computing, Commerce, Science and Arts.

  • After conducting a detailed research of the whole area, BAPS constructed a complete educational complex for 2,000 students along with a hostel in Ukai, South Gujarat in 1985. The complex is designed to provide all educational facilities that are otherwise never available to this tribal community. BAPS provides Free Education with free Textbooks and Notebooks. We also provide financial aid for poor students.
  • In Surat, BAPS has constructed a hostel to accommodate students from poor families and tribal areas.
  • Educational programs have also been initiated by BAPS in Dadra-Nagarhaveli, Panch Mahal, Pavi Jetpur and other tribal areas on the banks of the River Narmada.
  • Literacy programs have been organized by BAPS in tribal areas for both men and women.

Anti-Addiction Drives

There is a massive addiction problem in most tribal communities. Whatever little money these people earn is ignorantly wasted away on cheap alcohol and bidis (locally manufactured cigarettes). The sadhus and volunteers have been fighting a long battle against addiction and have got results. Out of 72 tribal villages of the Dadra-Nagarhaveli area, BAPS has managed to make 42 villages addiction-free. More than 18,000 people have been de-addicted by the sadhus and volunteers of BAPS.

In some villages, like Ramoddi, Pramukh Swami Maharaj himself has visited every mud hut to convince people to leave addictions and improve their standard of living by saving money.

Cultural & Moral Centers

  • BAPS has began setting up cultural and moral centers for men, women and children in the tribal areas of South Gujarat; for example, at Silvassa, Randhaa, Donja, Samarvarni, Karchelia, Ghoghamba, Panchmahal, Surat, Vadodara and the banks of the River Narmada.
  • Child and Youth Forums have been set up and are running successfully in mostly all tribal villages in South Gujarat. As a result, children are participating in national and international competitions.

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