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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Bliss in Solitude

A large group of devotees and sadhus had come from Gujarat. As advised by Bhagatji, all of them rented a house at Katpur, near Mahuva. Here, Bhagatji also joined the sadhus and lived with them. He blessed the sadhus with his darshan and divine company. The devotees would prepare a variety of dishes everyday to feed the sadhus. Sometimes, Bhagatji himself served the sadhus with great affection. Bhagatji discoursed, while the sadhus sang kirtans and everyone enjoyed divine bliss.
Yagnapurushdasji had composed an octet of verses in Sanskrit in praise of Bhagatji. All were greatly pleased to hear it. When the devotees saw the deep devotion of the sadhus towards Bhagatji, they too realised his glory. The excommunication of the sadhus gave them an opportunity of living in the company of Bhagatji. Bhagatji also graced the sadhus by keeping them in his divine company. Thus their excommunication was a blessing in disguise.
Once, in a light mood Bhagatji said, “This Yagnapurushdasji is mahant of this mandal.” He then said to Yagnapurushdas, “You shall obey the commands of Vignandasji.” Thus he commanded the sadhus to work under the commands of Vignandasji.
Once, Bhagatji told the sadhus, “These saffron clothes are a great obstacle. Therefore go home and practice satsang.” However, the sadhus expressed their firm determination of worshipping God, while observing strict celibacy. Bhagatji was greatly pleased to learn of their firm resolve. He blessed them and sent them all to Bhadrod. There they stayed at the mandir of Bhadreshwar Mahadev.
As they could not get the darshan of Bhagatji, the sadhus fasted for three days. On the fourth day Bhagatji arrived there and they all experienced divine peace. He fed them with food and gave them the divine pleasure of his company.
Waking them early in the morning, he would send them to the river to take a bath. Then he would sit them in meditation. He taught them the yogic process of continuously concentrating on the murti of Maharaj. Then he asked them to observe a fast on alternate days. On the day of fast, he sent them to collect alms in the neighbouring villages. He also sent them to collect cow-dung for fuel. On the day of parna, he fed the sadhus affectionately. Through constant spiritual discourses he made the sadhus forget their physical bodies. They experienced the divine bliss of Akshardham. He inspired the sadhus to sing kirtans describing the form and glory of Maharaj. He made them recite the Vachanamrut and conduct religious discussions.
The sadhus also got an opportunity of serving Bhagatji. Of late he was not keeping well. He had given up wearing shoes. Yagnapurushdasji used to rub his soles with a small emery stone and apply butter on the cuts. Other sadhus also served him in many ways. Till late in the night Bhagatji infused courage in the hearts of his disciple-sadhus by his talks. While discoursing on agna and upasana he said, “If you accept Shriji Maharaj as supreme and worship Him without aspiring for anything else, and observe the vow of nishkam, I shall take you to Akshardham.”
Once, Bhagatji asked the sadhus to prepare millet rotla, fried brinjal and buttermilk. Then he said, “Today, I want to feed you well. If you will eat as much as I wish, I will be at your command,” Bhagatji went on pressing the sadhus to eat more and more. With great difficulty Yagnapurushdasji finished three rotla. Bhagatji told him, “If you eat half a rotlo more, I’ll do whatever you say.”
It was not possible for Yagnapurushdasji to take even an extra morsel, yet he ate half a rotlo more to please Bhagatji.
Then the sadhus desired to apply chandan on Bhagatji’s body. They prepared a lot of chandan paste and applied it on Bhagatji’s body. They had a rare darshan of Bhagatji with sandalwood paste all over his body. Then, as desired by Yagnapurushdasji and the other sadhus, he embraced them all, besmearing them with chandan.
In Bhadrod, many were pleased by Bhagatji’s discourses and became satsangis. At times, he would talk all night and inspire the sadhus. Bhagatji felt pain when he saw the sadhus facing hardships, despite their saintliness. Often he would pray to Shriji Maharaj and Swami for relief.
Shriji Maharaj answered Bhagatji’s prayer. Acharya Viharilalji Maharaj sent a letter from Vartal asking Bhagatji to send the sadhus there. It was time to depart. When would they get such an opportunity of serving their spiritual master again? The sadhus served him as if they were serving Shriji Maharaj. Yagnapurushdasji prepared puranpoli and Surti dudhpak. Bhagatji was pleased by this new variety. He blessed them and purified them. They were reluctant to depart, but following Bhagatji’s command, they set off for Vartal.

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