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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


End of Exile

On arriving at Vartal, the sadhus put up in a haveli opposite the main gate of the mandir. The Acharya Maharaj met them and instructed them to wear saffron robes. He sent Vignandasji and other sadhus to Khandesh. Yagnapurushdasji and some sadhus went on a spiritual tour of Gujarat.
Vignandasji attracted many people towards the Satsang in Khandesh. In samadhi some devotees saw the murti of Bhagatji next to Shriji Maharaj. A woman devotee was possessed by an evil spirit. As soon as she saw the murti of Bhagatji, the evil spirit left her and she became possessed by Bhagatji. She started behaving like Bhagatji and brought happiness to innumerable people. Thus Bhagatji’s greatness spread in Khandesh. Devotees started visiting Mahuva to stay in the company of Bhagatji.
During this period, Acharya Maharaj arrived at Mahuva. He received Bhagatji with great respect and sent thal to him every day. He always asked Bhagatji to address the assembly and praised him before the sadhus and devotees. Acharya Maharaj graced Bhagatji’s house by paying a visit.
In the year V.S. 1949 (1893 CE) a murti-pratishtha ceremony was to be held at Lakshmi Vadi in Gadhpur. Acharya Maharaj had sent a special invitation to Bhagatji. Bhagatji had invited devotees from Gujarat to attend the ceremony at Gadhpur. Yagnapurushdasji had come with his Sanskrit teacher, Rangacharya, from Vadodara. Everybody got an opportunity of meeting Bhagatji at Lakshmi Vadi as well as at the place where he was lodging. Rangacharya was greatly impressed by Bhagatji’s darshan. Acharya Maharaj used to ask Bhagatji to discourse to the assembly of devotees.
Then, due to the insistence of the devotees of Gujarat, Bhagatji visited Nadiad. Here he stayed with Zaverilalbhai. People started arriving from everywhere to seek the company of Bhagatji. All of them brought offerings with them. Bhagatji discoursed about the supremacy of Shriji Maharaj, Swami as the manifestation of Akshar, and the need to seek the company of the Satpurush and observe celibacy. He visited the mandir both in the morning and evening and conducted religious discourses there. At night after singing the cheshta, he would return to the place where he was staying. Even there he discoursed till late at night. Certain devotees had the darshan of Shriji Maharaj on account of their association with Bhagatji.

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