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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Bhagatji's Magnetic Personality

Sitaba, the wife of Rao Saheb of Vadodara, saw Bhagatji along with Shriji Maharaj for five successive days during samadhi. She was overcome with emotion. Rao Saheb invited Bhagatji to Vadodara. Both, Rao Saheb and his wife became very happy by his darshan and served him with love and devotion. He visited the mandir and persuaded Rangacharyaji to associate with a sadhu who possesses the redemptive virtues of God. He explained to him the real value of scholarship, “After reading the scriptures, if one does not contemplate on the redemptive virtues of God, that knowledge is of no use.” Rangacharyaji, through association with Yagnapurushdasji, was enlightened about Bhagatji’s God-realised state.
The householders who stayed continuously with Bhagatji were inspired by him to observe shvet dharma – a vow to avoid the company of women. Thus he inspired them to overcome desires. He taught them how to worship God. He advised, “Remember God with your eyes wide open without blinking.” He used to demonstrate this by offering prayers without blinking his eyes and by giving a detailed description of Maharaj, from head to toe, while remaining in that state. Everyone was surprised by this.
Then, he left for Mahuva. Many devotees from Gujarat accompanied him upto Vadhwan. After arriving at Mahuva he told eighteen thousand malas for the welfare of the devotees. He continuously sat in meditation, offered worship and told the devotees, “Remember God while performing your worldly duties. Shriji Maharaj had told Somla Khachar to engrave the murti in his heart and preserve it otherwise one would lament afterwards.”
Many devotees from Gujarat came to experience the company of Bhagatji. During this period Swami Vignandasji, the most beloved and param ekantik disciple of Bhagatji, left for Chhapaiya in accordance with the wishes of Acharya Maharaj. He had sought communion with Bhagatji during his stay in Amdavad. After arriving in Chhapaiya, Vignandas Swami passed away to Akshardham following a short illness. This caused great distress to all the disciples close to Bhagatji.
Bhagatji’s glory was spreading very fast all over Gujarat. Shri Ganpatbhai, a wealthy resident of Bharuch was an authority on the Vachanamrut. He realised the greatness of Bhagatji. Accompanied by Shri Jethabhai of Pij he left Valsad for Mahuva by boat. Their boat was caught in a storm but Bhagatji protected them all. They reached Mahuva safely. Ganpatbhai was immensely satisfied by Bhagatji’s darshan. He understood that the Satpurush was the gateway to moksha. Bhagatji also explained to him the deeper meanings of the Vachanamrut. He revealed his own experiences which convinced Ganpatbhai further.
Bhagatji saw in him a sincere seeker. So he blessed him and asked him to maintain satsang. Ganpatbhai wished to return by rail, but by the wish of Bhagatji he went by boat. There was no trouble during their voyage and they reached home in one day.
Thus the devotees would go to Mahuva to seek Bhagatji’s company in spite of the great hardships that they had to undergo on their way. Once a group of the devotees from Gujarat arrived at Mahuva. They sang devotional songs all the way from the port to the mandir where they had the darshan of Bhagatji. Seeing this, a Lohana resident, who had been instigated by someone, started abusing the devotees. A jealous Brahmin villager went to the extent of slapping Bhagatji. But Bhagatji remained calm. The devotees from Gujarat could not bear to see this so they pushed him aside.
Later, Bhagatji scolded the devotees and said, “We should tolerate.” Then he added, “One should always side with a devotee of God.” Though the incident had created some bitterness in Mahuva, nothing untoward happened because of Bhagatji’s influence. Bhagatji gave the devotees much bliss before they left. Thereafter, due to the opposition of sadhus at the festival in Vartal, devotees were forbidden to go to Mahuva. But nothing could deter the courageous devotees. They continued to go to Mahuva to pay their respects to Bhagatji.
Those devotees who went to Mahuva got an opportunity of having Bhagatji’s darshan and company.
Bhagatji used to tell them, “Maharaj’s manifest form here on an Earth is as divine as that which dwells in Akshardham. There is no difference. Only if you accept this truth, will you succeed in your endeavours. You will all have to become like Jadbharat. Otherwise, there will be no happiness. Is it not better to return to Akshardham than to rot in this hell of sense gratification?” Thus Bhagatji always used to talk about associating with God and His holy Sadhu.

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