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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Gnan Yagna in Amdavad

Acharya Purushottamprasad Maharaj of Amdavad was pleased to receive Bhagatji. He made arrangements for Bhagatji and his group’s stay in his own mansion and took personal interest in their comforts. The entire atmosphere of the mandir was transformed with the arrival of Bhagatji. Soon after the mangala arti, Bhagatji would address the assembly of devotees. Then at the time of shangar he would lead the singing of kirtans. Again till rajbhog he would give religious discourses. In the afternoon he would discourse on the Vachanamrut and make all the devotees focus their indriyas and do the rosary at least ten times. In the evening also, till cheshta, he would talk to the assembly about the supremacy of Maharaj and inspire them to become aksharrup. Frequently, he instructed the devotees of Gujarat to sponsor meals. These things greatly pleased the devotees.
At this time Yagnapurushdasji was in Mahemdavad. He talked about the spiritual powers of Bhagatji to many devotees and inspired them to go to Amdavad for his darshan.
Once, during his religious discourses, Bhagatji talked about the importance of brahmacharya, “God is pleased only by brahmacharya. Radiance emanates from the forehead of a person who observes celibacy. When he bathes, the drops of water which fall from his tuft are caught by the gods before they touch the ground. Even the gods find this vrat difficult to observe. Since His manifestation on earth, Shriji Maharaj has strongly enforced the practice of this vow. Therefore, those who want to realise ekantik dharma must observe celibacy rigorously, control the senses, dine only once, remember God incessantly, meditate forgetting everything, and not entertain thoughts of women and other temptations. By these means brahmacharya can be observed. Therefore, woe be to the renunciants, who after renunciation fail to observe this vrat.”
In Mahemdavad Yagnapurushdasji regularly visited the railway station and enquired about Bhagatji from those who returned from Amdavad after visiting Bhagatji. He constantly yearned to have the darshan of Bhagatji. He became impatient. One day, he went to Amdavad in the company of a sadhu. Bhagatji at first told him off for coming to Amdavad, but other sadhus and devotees requested him to receive Yagnapurushdasji with love. He changed his attitude and welcomed him.
Whenever a meal was sponsored by Bhagatji’s followers, Acharya Maharaj served food himself. In this way, he favoured Bhagatji. Also, the sadhus and devotees were pleased by Bhagatji’s presence since they experienced divine bliss in his company. Thus, many senior satsangis from the city also sought his darshan and company as they were greatly drawn to his divine murti.
Very frequently Bhagatji used to address the sadhus in the mandir. Once he told them all to tell the rosary and concentrate upon the divine murti of Shriji Maharaj. He said, “A businessman keeps his eye on the price of wheat, jaggery and ghee because he has to make a profit from them. In the same manner, if we keep our eye on the divine murti of Maharaj, we too can earn profit in terms of divine bliss. Remember God all the time and do not forget Him even for a second. After renouncing the world if we forget God then what has been renounced?” Thus he used to impress upon sadhus the need to seek communion with God.
Once, as desired by Bhagatji, Yagnapurushdasji addressed the assembly about the qualities and glory of a Satpurush. Bhagatji was so pleased with him by his talks that he got up and put his palms on the head of Yagnapurushdasji to bless him. A stunned devotee remarked, “How is it that you, a householder, are placing your hands on the head of a sadhu?”
Bhagatji nonchalantly replied, “It is Bhagwan Swaminarayan, not I, who has placed His hands.” The devotee realised the meaning of these words and became quiet.
The hindola festival was being celebrated in the mandir. Bhagatji said, “Shri Nar Narayan is known as the emperor of India. So, when Maharaj incarnated in India, He brought him as His guide. Shri Nar Narayan had served Maharaj, therefore, Maharaj built a mandir here and dedicated it to him. But he is not the principal deity. Once in the eastern roop choki, holding the hand of Anand Swami, Maharaj had observed, ‘Such innumerable Nar Narayans and Lakshmi Narayans stand on one foot and worship this murti incessantly.’ Thus, Shriji Maharaj explained the supreme upasana. I am just an ordinary tailor. I remove two stitches and stitch another two. I help you shun wealth and women and join your soul unto God and His Sadhu.”
He allowed Yagnapurushdasji to stay with him for a few days and then permitted him to return to Mahemdavad. He commanded him to pursue the studies of shastras and jokingly said, “Your slight build does not befit a leader. A leader should build his body.” Yagnapurushdasji had taken a murti of Thakorji with him. He gave it to Bhagatji to sanctify. Bhagatji became very happy to see it and then as if he were watching Maharaj’s figure in person observed, “The nose is a bit long, Maharaj’s nose was not so long.” He kept the murti pressed against his chest for nearly an hour and then returned it to Yagnapurushdasji.
Carts loaded with sand for washing hands had come to the mandir. The parshads were emptying the carts. When Bhagatji saw this he, too, joined them and started emptying the cart, basket after basket. The devotees who were watching them followed Bhagatji and the work was completed in no time. His special status in the Satsang never stopped him from doing manual labour. He never felt belittled in doing such menial jobs. This impressed all the sadhus and devotees.

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