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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


The Last Phase

While at Gondal, Yagnapurushdasji sought Bhagatji’s opinion about his studies. Bhagatji said, “You have mastered all the shastras and I have completely taught you brahmavidya. Now make everyone as happy as you are.” So saying, Bhagatji appointed Yagnapurushdasji as the guru and blessed him.
On reaching Mahuva, Bhagatji fell ill. It appeared as if he had decided to go to Akshardham. He called some of the devotees to Mahuva for the last darshan. Jetha Bhagat rushed from Mumbai to Mahuva leaving aside his work as kothari to serve Bhagatji. Devotees from all corners of Gujarat began to pour in for the last darshan. Bhagatji had given up food. His condition was deteriorating, his illness worsening.
Yet, Bhagatji gave strength to all and discoursed to them. When he went to the mandir for darshan on the day of annakut, thousands of devotees had his darshan. He said, “Those who have had my darshan even once I will take them to Akshardham.”
The devotees frequently prayed to Bhagatji to stay on this earth longer and not remain unhealthy. The vaidya from Chansad, Mansukhbhai, came. He prescribed some medications and milk according to Bhagatji’s condition. But Bhagatji did not take them. Bhagatji told Yagnapurushdasji not to come to Mahuva. But his mind was continuously focused on Bhagatji. So, he wrote a letter to Bhagatji requesting him to regain good health. But Bhagatji’s health continued to deteriorate. The devotees lovingly served Bhagatji in every way, but were sad to see him ill.
Bhagatji’s condition became critical from the morning of Kartik sud 13, V.S. 1954 (7 November 1898 CE). He used to do puja regularly after his morning bath. But that day, he could not attend even to his bodily needs. He was surrounded by Prabhudas and other devotees. Suddenly Bhagatji started speaking, “Take me to Vartal.” So saying, all of a sudden, he got up and sat in a swastik asan, stopped his breath and pulse and remained motionless. Thus concentrating, on the Shriji Maharaj, Bhagatji independently returned to Akshardham. The devotees failed to understand this phenomenon. They laid him on the bed and felt his pulse, which had already stopped.
They were all shocked, as if they had been struck by lightning. They all started crying bitterly. Kothari Jetha Bhagat consoled and pacified them.
Bhagatji’s body was laid on the floor and they all started chanting the dhun. Soon this sad news spread all over the town. He was loved and revered by one and all. Thousands of people thronged there for darshan. Bhagatji had instructed the devotees in advance that his last rites be performed according to the customs of his community, but they should not use sandalwood, etc.
Accordingly, the next morning, in the presence of thousands of devotees, his mortal body was cremated in the farm of Fulchand Sheth, situated on the bank of the river Malan.
Hearing this news, Yagnapurushdasji felt as if the heavens had come down upon him. He became extremely unhappy and grieved so much that he fainted while going for a bath. Shriji Maharaj appeared to him and said, “I Have not gone. I dwell forever in you.”
So saying, Shriji Maharaj took a garland of roses and jasmine from His neck and garlanded Yagnapurushdasji. A sadhu who had accompanied him was lucky enough to witness this rare sight. Yagnapurushdasji’s grief disappeared. All could understand the significance of Shriji Maharaj’s divine words that He remains manifest in the person of a param ekantik sadhu like Yagnapurushdasji, popularly known as Shastriji Maharaj.

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