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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Divinity Revealed

In V.S. 1914 (1858 CE), Bhagatji was going to Junagadh to pay respects to Gunatitanand Swami. He was accompanied by the devotees of Mahuva. Due to heavy rains the Shetrunji was flooded. The current was so powerful that the boatman and the travellers were all held up on the riverbank.
Bhagatji encouraged the devotees by saying, “Let us remember Maharaj and Swami and we shall be able to cross safely.” So saying, he led the devotees. The boatman tried to dissuade him from going across the river. But he fears nothing who has before his eyes the murti of Maharaj and Swami. The water was only chest deep when they reached halfway. Even the current was not so strong. The devotees followed Bhagatji. The boatman and others who were watching the scene from the bank were amazed, and marvelled at the faith and courage of the devotees!
On the way a devotee was bitten by a dog. Bhagatji soothed him with his touch and the pain vanished. Proceeding further, Bhagatji’s elder brother, Narsinhbhai, was bitten by a poisonous snake. All got frightened but Bhagatji consoled them saying, “Pray to Maharaj, everything will be alright.” Soon he felt relief because of the divine power of the Swaminarayan mantra and the blessings of a Satpurush. Then they encountered robbers. The devotees offered them food. While the thieves were busy eating, the devotees managed to escape. In spite of such innumerable hardships, the devotees from Mahuva never missed a chance to go for Swami’s darshan with Bhagatji.
In V.S. 1943 (1887 CE), Bhagatji led a group of devotees to Gadhada. It was raining heavily and it was very dark, visibility was poor and the road was full of thorns and stones. The devotees were greatly troubled and frustrated. Then Bhagatji made them sit in a circle and asked them to hold one another’s toes and pray with their eyes shut. After some time he woke them up. To their surprise they found themselves sitting on the banks of the river Ghela at Gadhada. Thus, in no time, Bhagatji placed them all in Gadhada.
Once, Kanji Darji of Mahuva went to Gadhpur with Bhagatji. Both of them were sewing garments for Thakorji. Acharya Maharaj arrived at Gadhada from Vartal. Devotees went to receive him. Bhagatji and Kanjibhai also joined the devotees for darshan. Acharya Maharaj was pleased to see Bhagatji there. He took off the rose garland from his neck and offered it to Bhagatji, who in turn gave it over to Kanjibhai. From then onwards Kanjibhai began to continuously see the murtis of Shriji Maharaj and Swami. After three years, when he married, the vision disappeared.
There was an outbreak of cholera in Mahuva. Vitthalbhai’s daughter-in-law contracted it. Whenever anybody prayed to Bhagatji to cure a victim of cholera, he would ask him to offer oil to Hanumanji and the victim would be cured. Vitthalbhai tried this, but his daughter-in-law was not cured. So he went to Bhagatji and said, “I offered oil to Hanumanji but the disease was not cured.”
Bhagatji told him, “Who had told you to offer oil to Hanumanji?”
Vitthalbhai replied, “I did it because you ask so many others to do so.”
Bhagatji smiled and said, “You can’t succeed if you follow your own will. Now I command you to go again and offer oil to the murti of Hanumanji that has been sanctified by Shriji Maharaj.” He carried out the orders and his daughter-in-law recovered.
In V.S. 1951 (1895 CE), Bhagatji was in Mahuva. A Brahmin came to his house and stared into his eyes without blinking. Bhagatji asked him. “Maharaj, what are you gazing at? You will find Shriji Maharaj in every pore of my body.”
The Brahmin replied, “You are perfectly right, Bhagatji. I see Shriji Maharaj in both of your eyes. That’s why I have been staring at you.”
During his final illness, Bhagatji’s condition was very critical. He was confined to bed. Meanwhile, it was time for the Annakut festival. In Mahuva mandir the festival was sponsored by Bhagatji. Bhagatji decided to go to the mandir. All his devotees were surprised at this decision. On the day of annakut, Bhagatji got up and donned new clothes, a turban and khes. He used his yogic powers and helped by two attendants started walking towards the mandir before the devotees could arrange for any vehicle.
Bhagatji reached the mandir, had darshan and then sat down against the second pillar to the right of the dome. The thousands of devotees who had thronged to the mandir for the annakut darshan, were lucky to have darshan of the luminous personality of Bhagatji. They all praised Bhagatji. Fulchandbhai’s father, Khimjibhai, had come there with a carriage to take Bhagatji home. On his way home Bhagatji told Jetha Bhagat, “Blessed are those who had my darshan today.” How gracious he was!

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