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Greatness Of Satsang

Naradji once went to Shri Krishna. He asked, ''What are the fruits of doing satsang?'' ''Naradji,'' said the Lord pointing to a big worm, ''This worm in hell will explain to you the benefits of doing satsang.''

So Naradji went to the worm in hell and asked, ''Worm, what are the fruits of doing satsang?'' The worm looked at Naradji and then died! Naradji didn't get an answer. So he returned to the Lord and said, ''I didn't get an answer to my question, and the worm died. Now you must give me an answer.'' The Lord heard Naradji but said, ''Look, see that nest, in it is a newly born parrot. Go and ask it.
The baby parrot will explain to you the fruits of doing satsang.''

With this command from God Naradji approached the little baby parrot and asked, ''What are the fruits of satsang?'' The baby parrot opened its eyes and looked at Naradji. But then died! This frightened Naradji. He began to think, ''The benefit of satsang is death! Whoever
I ask this question to dies.''

He made his way to the Lord. With great unhappiness he said, ''If you want to tell me the truth then please tell me. Because whoever I ask dies. Murder hangs on my head now. I don't think I can take your advice again.'' The Lord laughed at this. He said, ''Naradji, don't be upset. If you really want an answer to your question then go and ask that newly-born calf.'' Still sad with the death of the baby parrot, Narad approached the newborn calf and softly asked in its ear, ''What are the fruits of satsang?'' Naradji stood still waiting for an answer. The calf looked at Naradji and toppled to the ground. It died. Naradji was now extremely depressed. He had now sinned by killing a cow. He quickly went to the Lord to speak his mind. He was going to tell him off! But the Lord calmed him down and said, ''You will certainly get the answer to your question now. The king has a newborn boy.
Go ask the baby prince your question.''

Naradji said to the Lord, ''Upto now I've asked a worm, a parrot, and a calf, and they've all died. I've been lucky that nobody has troubled me so far. But if the king's son dies then I'll be in deep trouble. So now I don't want to know the fruits of doing satsang!'' The Lord assured Naradji that the prince would definitely explain to him the benefits of doing satsang and he would not die.

Naradji with a brave heart went to the palace and asked the prince, ''Brother, what are the fruits of satsang ?'' Hearing this the prince looked at Naradji, and laughed. He answered, ''Naradji, haven't you understood the greatness of satsang yet? When you first asked me the question I was a worm. I then died and became a parrot. But with your darshan at my nest I died and was given the body of a calf. Then again with your darshan I was freed and given this highest of births, as a human being. And now with the grace of your darshan I have been fulfilled. If just by your darshan I have gained so much then think how much a person can gain by associating (satsang) with a great sadhu such as yourself!'' Naradji now fully understood the greatness of satsang. He returned to the Lord and praised,
''Lord, your divine ways will never be understood by anyone.''

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