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  Prabodhini Ekadashi
  Dev Diwali
  Poshi Purnima
  Vasant Panchami
  Maha Shivratri
  Shri Hari Jayanti
  Hanuman Jayanti
  Nrusinh Jayanti
  Yogi Jayanti
  Pramukh Varni Din
Guru Purnima
  Hindola Utsav
  Raksha Bandhan
  Ganesh Chaturthi
  Jal Zilani Ekadashi
  Vaman Jayanti
  Sharad Purnima
  Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Janma Jayanti
  Kumbh Mela
  Purushottam Mas
  Chandan Adornment
of Murtis
  Janmangal Namavali
  Amrut Mahotsav
  Yogi Shatabdi
  Cultural Festival of India, Edison, USA
  Gunatitanand Swami Bicentenary Celebration
  Cultural Festival of India, UK
London, UK

  Lord Swaminarayan Bicentenary Celebration

How Festivals Enrich Society :

India is a land of a thousand holy festivals and rituals. Its colorful panorama reflect the religion, culture and custom of one of the most ancient and richest of civilizations. Hinduism worships and celebrates the birth and victories of its deities and holy men through festivals and rituals.
Through colors, sounds and profound sentiments it elevates and motivates the inner core of individuals. Its festive ambience invigorates and enthuses the individual from the monotony of daily life.
This special section provides a window to the history, significance and experience of a selected number of annual festivals, rituals and customs in Indian culture. Like the golden sun, festivals refresh and recharge humanity in more than one way.

Aesthetically : Festivals are a poetry of arts and crafts, and encourage the latent talents of people.

Emotionally : Festivals lend joy and zest to the monotony of life, providing entertainment and enrichment through discourses and seminars, music and melodies, dances and rhythms of a meaningful life.

Socially : festivals bring man closer to man in peaceful understanding. Social harmony is nourished as people of different nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds come together to share their joys and delights.

Morally : Festivals promote higher and better life. Guiding masses away from drugs and addictions, hatred and violence, they nourish the values of service, sacrifice, discipline, unity and cooperation - restoring man's moral dignity.

Culturally : Festivals retrace old traditions and strengthen our cultural roots by providing deeper insights.

Spiritually : Festivals inspire and consolidate faith in God. An atmosphere of purity and prayers elevate the soul and helps generate a feeling of universal brotherhood, inter-religious harmony and personal piety.