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Mandirs and murtis form a basic element of the Hindu Dharma.
A traditional sacred ritual prevails celebrating the anniversaries of murti-consecration (Prana Pratishtha) of mandirs. Known as Patotsav, the word is a compound of Paat and Utsav - festival. Paat is derived from Patti, a strip of garment tied on the head of a murti. From this evolved Paat

In essence, Patotsav is a re-consecration ceremony, re-invoking Paramatma. This stems from the belief that during the whole year, the murtis lose some divinity from two possible factors:

1) any laxity by the pujari in offering devotional worship.
2) the sheer volume of burden heaped at the lotus-feet of the murtis by devotees overwhelmed by maya.

However, during the Dadar (Mumbai) mandir's Patotsav in 1987, Pramukh Swami Maharaj clarified that Paramatma's divinity never dissipates. It is only our bhava - devotional love, that ebbs.

By celebrating Patotsav, our inner sentiments for Paramatma and Guru are rekindled and reinvigorated.

In the BAPS Shikarbaddh mandirs, sadhus perform a grand Abhishek of the murtis after the Mangala arti in the morning. Abhishek means to pour Panchamrut - milk, yogurt, ghee, sugar and honey, and kesar-jal - water with saffron, on the murtis
(see photo gallery). This ritual is performed in a meticulous sequence by chanting specific Vedic mantras, including the Purush Sukta. The sanctified Panchamrut, known as Charanamrut is collected and later availed of by devotees.

After Abhishek, the murtis are bathed with water and adorned with shrungar - garments, ornaments and flower garlands. A small, yet rich Annakut of sweets and savory dishes is offered. This is followed by Arti. The Annakut prasad and charanamrut is then distributed.

Murti consecration dates of BAPS mandirs consecrated by:


Shastriji Maharaj

  • Bochasan - Samvat 1963, Vaishakh Sud 10
  • Sarangpur - Samvat 1972, Vaishakh Sud 6
  • Gondal - Samvat 1990, Vaishakh Sud 13
  • Atladara - Samvat 2001, Ashadh Sud 3

Yogiji Maharaj

  • Gadhada - Samvat 2007, Vaishakh Sud 10
  • Amdavad - Samvat 2018, Vaishakh Sud 7
  • Bhadra - Samvat 2025, Vaishakh Sud 6

Pramukh Swami Maharaj

  • Sankari - Samvat 2027, Jeth Sud 9
  • Mumbai - Samvat 2040, Maha Sud 8
  • Mehsana - Samvat 2051,Magshar sud 8
  • London - Samvat 2051, Shravan Vad 10
    (20th August 1995).
  • Surendranagar - Samvat 2053, Kartik Vad 12
  • Surat - Samvat 2053, Magshar Sud 7
  • Rajkot - Samvat 2055, Magshar Sud 7
  • Mahelav - Samvat 2055, Maha Sud 5
  • Nairobi - Samvat 2055, Samvat Vad 3
  • Tithal - Samvat 2056, Magshar Sud 7
  • Anand - Samvat 2057, Magshar Sud 7

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