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Holy Relics of Bhagwan Swaminarayan


When God incarnates Himself on earth, all things and people who come into contact with Him become holy. The Holy relics of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, preciously preserved by generations, have been most historically and honorably displayed at the ground floor of Akshardham Monument at Gandhinagar, India. The museum houses a treasure of rare divine objects related to Bhagwan Swaminarayan's life and times, from the clothes and footwear he wore, and a historic letter written by Him to His hair and tooth.
The various items are displayed attractively in the museum.
The organizers began the painstaking task of obtaining precise details of things as soon as Pramukh Swami Maharaj expressed his desire for such a historical museum. They also had to ensure that all the things were authentic. Adequate measures had to be taken for the long term preservation and protection of such a rare and historical collection of things. Many other items from the Lord's time had survived in the homes of various devotees and passed down over the generations. The organizers located these devotees and obtained some of the things with their cooperation. The contribution of these devotees has helped to enrich the museum. Once the things were obtained, a detailed historical sketch of each and every item was documented and its authenticity verified. The things are displayed today in such a way that the minimum of deterioration will take place due to atmospheric effects as well as external lighting effects.
Scietifically restored and treated, the holy objects satisfy the spiritual thirst of the visitors. As they pay their homage, the visit turns into a private pilgrimage! The museum is divided into various halls:

Hall of Garments:

It displays the textiles worn by the Lord.

Hall of Travels:

It displays the Lord's Wooden sandals and cart.

Hall of Festivals:

It displays the objects used in festivities.

Hall of Holy Remains:

It displays hair,teeth and ashes of the Lord.

The One and Only:

It displays the only surviving letter of the Lord.



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