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Horse Riding From A Book

One young man went to the bombay library. He picked up a book, ''How to Ride a Horse'' and read it. He studied the skills of how to mount a horse, how to put the foot in the stirrup, how to hold the reins and many other things. Then one day he went as a guest to the house of a Darbar. There was a healthy-looking horse there. On seeing it, he could not contain himself from bragging, ''I've learnt
how to ride a horse, so let me ride this horse.'' ''Alright, go on,'' consented the Darbar.

He attempted to climb the horse. But a horse always recognizes a rider. The Darbar's horse realised that here was a stranger and beginner. It reared up and flung the young man to the ground. The Darbar asked, ''Where did you learn to ride?'' ''I learnt from a book in the Bombay library,'' he exposed his foolishness. One must remember that one cannot learn anything by oneself, one needs a teacher, a Guru, in everything one does.

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