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The Lazy Man

A Lazy man was sleeping under a rayan tree. A small rayan fell on his chest. However, he was too lazy to put the fruit into his mouth. He waited for someone to pass by. After a while he saw a camel rider in the distance. So he shouted, ''Camel rider, please stop!''

The camel rider thought to himself, ''The poor man might be ill and may want to drink some water or need other help.'' So he stopped his camel and walked half a field over to the lazy man. He asked, ''What can I do?'' Remaining lying down the lazy man said, ''A rayan has fallen on my chest, kindly put it into my mouth!'' The camel rider became cross. He said, ''I got off my camel and walked across half a field to you. And this is the only reason you called me for?'' He strode off very angry. The lazy man called after him, ''You're a very lazy fellow! All you had to do was put the rayan in my mouth.''

The lazy man had only to put the rayan into his mouth and yet he called somebody else. How can such a person get ahead in life? Satsang can be compared to the rayan fruit falling on our chest. Shedding laziness, we should take full benefit of Satsang.

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