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Tumbaru And Narad

Narad and Tumbaru went before God to Vaikunth. Tumbaru was a very good singer. He sang so well before the Lord that even the Lord felt joy and peace in his heart. As a gift the Lord gave him some fine clothes and ornaments. Even though Naradji is considered the 'mind of God,' as he is a great devotee, he felt jealous of Tumbaru. He decided to learn to sing and please the Lord.

His voice wasn't very good but he learnt how to sing anyway. Naradji then went before God and sang. The Lord said, ''You've come to get fine clothes and ornaments but you can't sing as well as Tumbaru.'' The Lord was very clear! He as good as insulted Naradji! Naradji then performed austerities to please Shivji. He did dharna parna, and asked a boon that he become an expert singer. But when he next sang before the Lord it was to no avail. God was not pleased. Naradji again began to practice.

He worked very hard for thousands of years. But as he was doing this out of jealousy, God was not pleased. In the end he went to Tumbaru. Naradji became humble and asked Tumbaru to teach him how to sing. Tumbaru taught him. Naradji then sang before the Lord in Dwarka. The Lord was extremely pleased and rewarded Naradji with clothes and ornaments. Never be jealous.
Strive to learn from those who are better than us.

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