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Plant-A-Tree Campaign

Today’s elderly, born at the beginning of this century, started life in the world with about 50% of its ancient forests still standing. Our grandchildren will inherit a planet with less than 20% of its original forest intact, with most of the readily available freshwater already spoken for, with most of the wetlands and reef systems destroyed or degraded, and much of the arable land under plough. They will inherit a stressed atmosphere and an unwanted legacy of toxic waste in the soil and water. Missing from the list will be countless species, most wiped out before even being catalogued by scientist.

A recent study by the World Resources Institute in Washington concluded that 76 countries have cut down all their ancient forests, while 11 others have less than 5% of their original woodlands left. The world continues to destroy an expanse of forest the size of Nepal every year. Asia has lost almost 95% of its frontier woodlands.

The accelerating destruction of the world's forests threatens the planet's ecological and economic health. Flooding and drought become more extreme. Trees are ‘carbon sinks,’ absorbing carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases behind global warming.

Trees Planted by BAPS
Since 1995, more than 1,200,000 trees have been planted in 2,170 villages in India by the volunteers of the Sanstha. All the trees planted are categorically recorded and their progress is monitored by the volunteers.

Some Statistics on trees planted by the Sanstha:


Trees Planted




950 villages in India



452 villages in India



37 regions of Gujarat State

Mass Awareness by BAPS

To awaken and educate the masses on the grave importance of planting trees and stop cutting the existing ones, the Sanstha regularly gives detailed information in its periodicals and newsletters. This has been supplemented with the printing and exhibiting of thousands of posters.

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