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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Satsang with the Diwan of Vansda

Jhaverbhai Nathabhai Amin (of Virsad), the Diwan of Vansda, was inspired by Yagnapurushdasji’s company and was longing for the darshan of and association with Bhagatji. He wrote three letters to Acharya Maharaj and the Kothari at Vartal expressing his earnest desire to meet Bhagatji. On receiving instructions from Acharya Maharaj and Kothari, Bhagatji arrived at Vansda, via Bilimora, along with four devotees. He invited Vignandasji from Khandesh to join him at Vansda. The Diwan accorded a hearty welcome to Bhagatji befitting his status and position. He and his wife attended to Bhagatji day and night.
They were Vedantins, so Bhagatji talked in detail about the five eternal realities – jiva, ishwar, maya, Brahma and Parabrahma with relevant quotations from the Vachanamrut and other scriptures. He also explained to them the significance of agna and upasana.
One night, after completing his routine cheshta, Bhagatji retired to bed. But then all of a sudden he got up and started chanting the name of God. The Diwan and other devotees also got up. After some time Bhagatji woke up and addressed the people sitting around him, “One who wants to realise God should remember Him incessantly. He must always wake up like this, and start singing in praise of God. A genuine seeker should fear like a deer and sleep like a crow. How can we have a sound sleep when we have innate enemies like our senses and antahkaran? Therefore, if while eating, drinking, sleeping or waking, one remembers God by singing his songs, then one can do whatever he desires.”
While delving deep into the realms of Brahma and Parabrahma, Bhagatji often gave practical worldly guidance too, “If you want to become brahmarup and worship God then you should follow your dharma rigorously. Dharma sustains gnan. Gnan establishes vivek and kindles vairagya. Vairagya which is based on gnan liberates you from worldly desires and one develops love towards God. One should strictly follow the eleven commandments and think and act accordingly. Bhakti is like a faithful wife, it will follow dharma, and gnan-vairagya are the two sons; which also follow her.” Thus, through such wonderful talks, Bhagatji taught the Diwan to derive pure joy from devotion to God. He made a solemn promise to Diwanji, “At the time of your death I will come with Maharaj to receive you.”
The Maharaja of Vansda and other high officials used to come for Bhagatji’s darshan. They were greatly impressed by Bhagatji’s spiritual powers. The Maharaja received him in his palace.
After giving Diwan Saheb the immense pleasure of his company, Bhagatji left Vansda. The Diwan was so attached to Bhagatji that his heart became heavy when he left. From Vansda Bhagatji went to Chansad and then returned to Vartal. Acharya Maharaj was pleased to learn the news about Vansda. He had a turban tied on Bhagatji as a mark of honour. Then he took Acharya Maharaj’s leave and arrived at Amdavad via Nadiad.

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