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Rehabilitation work
BAPS Relief/Rehabilitation Work Updates:
Relief Material Distribution | Villages Covered | What they say |
Public Appeal by Pramukh Swami Maharaj

Past major relief activities by BAPS:
Orissa cyclone 1999
Kachchh cyclone 1998
Latur earthquake 1993

  BAPS Relief/Rehabilitation Work - Final Report
April 23 2004 SMCC - BAPS Project Update, 23 April 2004 Report
December 18 2003 Dedication Ceremony of Pramukh Swami Nagar, Bhuj, Sunday, 14 December 2003 Report  |  Photo Gallery
April 25 2003 Joint Rehabilitation Project by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Sanatan Mandir, Hindu Mandir, CIDA Report  |  Photo Gallery
October 31 2002 Fact Sheet of Kukma Village.  
October 1 to 19 2002 Pramukh Swami Maharaj visits BAPS-reconstructed viallges.Khavda - Gunatitpur - Yoginagar - Pramukhswaminagar (Kukma) - Narayannagar - Shrijinagar
June 22 2002 BAPS Dedicates 14 Schoolsa in Kachchh. Report  |  Photo Gallery
June 15 2002 Pramukh Swami Maharaj dedicates 18 schools, Surendranagar Report |
Photo Gallery
June 11 2002 Dedication ceremony of Narayannagar village Report | Photo Gallery
June 11 2002 Dedication ceremony of Shrijinagar village Report
June 11 2002 Dedication of earthquake-hit villages reconstructed by BAPS. Report
May 22 2002 Update Photo Gallery
May 20 2002
Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj dedicates 18 schools to the district of Surendranagar Report
May 13 2002 Foundatione-stone laying ceremony for reconstruction of Khavda village. Report | Photo Gallery
May 13 2002 Dedication ceremony of Yoginagar village. Report | Photo Gallery
May 13 2002 Dedication ceremony of Gunatitpur village. Report | Photo Gallery

May 13 2002

Dedication of earthquake-hit villages reconstructed by BAPS. Report
February 12 2002 Construction work of the BAPS adopted villages and schools. Photo Gallery
January 25 2002 Comprehensive report on BAPS Rehabilitation work till date.

October 20 2001

BAPS Rehabilitation work in Kachchh. Photo Gallery

October 20 2001

Chief Minister visits BAPS earthquake rehabilitation work in Ukhadmora, Kachchh.
Report | Photo Gallery

October 20 2001

Comprehensive report on BAPS Rehabilitation work till date.

August 1 2001

Update of BAPS earthquake relief work in Kachchh. Photo Gallery

July 19 2001

In continuing efforts to help business grow in Bhuj, BAPS built 40 shops and donated to the needy one. Click here to read the details.

July 19 2001

Education of the students in Bhuj is the prime concern and BAPS recently distributed study material to the students. It also have adopted 135 students for all of their study needs. A report.

April 23 2001

BAPS, under the inspiration of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, has professionally and scientifically planned to rebuild over 2000 homes in 8 villages and a colony in Bhuj, involving the local people and community. The rebuilding of 8 villages, namely; Ukhadmora, Nana Khirsara, Devisar, Gunatitpur, Jiyapur, Nani Mau, Modpur and Gariya. A report.

April 10 2001

BAPS Earthquake Relief Work Praised in House of Commons, UK. A report

Mar 24 2001

In Bhuj on Saturday 24 March, over 5,000 people from Bhuj and 25 surrounding villages gathered for a special assembly.
His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj - the spiritual leader of BAPS performed the traditional Vedic pujan of the bricks to be laid in the foundation in 8 of the 10 villages adopted by the Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS). After the traditional pujan, he presented the consecrated bricks to the villagers amidst widespread applause. Read more...

Photo Gallery:
Sanctifying ceremony
HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj in Swaminarayan Nagar

Mar 19 2001

A report of Medical Camp arranged by BAPS on Mar 18 2001 at Swaminarayan Nagar, Bhuj.

Mar 19 2001

Renowned Scientist Dr. Abdul Kalam visits BAPS Relief Camp at Bhuj. A report.

Mar 05 2001

BAPS has worked out the plan for the permanent rehabilitation of the earthquake victims. It has decided to adopt 8 villages in Kachchh district, 2 villages in Rajkot and 1 village in Surendranagar. Click here to read more.

HRH Prince of Wales launches BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha's "Sponsor-a- Home" Scheme" at Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasdon (London) on March 05 2001. Report...

Mar 04 2001

New pictures available.

On Mar 02 2001, BAPS rehabilitated 295 families in Pramukh Swami Nagar - a temporary rehabilitation colony in Bhuj. Pramukh Swami Nagar is a colony made of tin houses and tents for individual families. Occupied with all primary facilities like electricity, proper sanitation, drinking water, community hall and a dispensary, this housing colony is the first in whole of Bhuj to rehabilitate the affected in an organized way. More...

Feb 26 2001

While BAPS volunteers were busy in distribution and providing the temporary shelters to the homeless, HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj instructed a team of saints and expert volunteers to tour the the earthquake affected areas of Gujarat and work out a plan of action for the rehabilitation of the earthquake victims. The team surveyed the areas and devised a plan of action for the proposed rehabilitation. Click here to learn about it.
On Feb 21 2001, US Congressman Ed Royce visited BAPS Head quarters in Ahmedabad and witnessed the relief work by BAPS in Bhuj. More details...

Feb 24 2001



BAPS has taken up the mammoth work of rehabilitation in the earthquake affected areas. It has built a temporary housing colony in Bhuj where tin houses are provided to the affected people. BAPS volunteers also distributed the relief materials in the far and remote village Khavada near border. The surrounding villages were also served with the relief materials.
Recent pictures are available of:
Relief Hospitals Tarpaulin tents service by BAPS
Khavada Relief Material Distribution Recent pictures from BAPS relief camp, Bhuj
Temporary rehabilitation in Bhuj  

Feb 22 2001
A complete plan of rehabilitation now available.






Relief materials are being distributed with the same pace as before. The affected people are now staying either in belief camps or have migrated to their relatives or friends. Hence, now the next requirement is for the shelters to these homeless. Since last few days, BAPS is intensively and extensively working on the temporary and permanent rehabilitation of these affected people. A team of senior saints and expert volunteers are currently working on the planning of the both rehabilitation.

BAPS plans to construct an earthquake resistant permanent housing structures for the affected people. BAPS team of expert structural engineers has studied many designs of such houses and is currently engaged in overall community planning. Estimated construction time for this is 8 to 10 months.

While this permanent housing will be constructed, the affected people will be provided a temporary rehabilitation in houses made of tin sheets. Each of these tin houses will provide the occupants enough privacy for their family and a shelter for coming seasons. These houses will be having a separate kitchen where the occupants can cook their own food. They will also furnished with other facilities like electricity, plumbing, utensils and cooking system.

Feb 18 2001 Updated Statistics of relief material distribution.

Feb 17 2001


More than 837,000 biscuit packets and over 227 tons of wheat flour have been distributed by BAPS Bhuj Relief Camp till today. Though there is a decrease in daily hot meals number, there is a substantial increase in the grains distributed. Distribution of cloths, water pouches and other necessities in far and remote villages is still continued.
Feb 16 2001 Relief Material Distribution Statistics from BAPS Bhuj Relief Camp till today.
Feb 15 2001 Updated Statistics of relief material distribution.
Feb 14 2001 Updated Statistics of relief material distribution.
Feb 13 2001 Updated Statistics of relief material distribution.
Feb 12 2001

Over 440,000 hot meals have been served to the affected by BAPS Bhuj Relief Camp till today. BAPS relief workers in Bhuj have reached far and wide in affected areas and have distributed over 211 tons of wheat flour and 204 tons of rice along with other necessities since the day of disaster.
Feb 11 2001 Relief material distribution till today in Bhuj and surrounding areas.
Feb 10 2001 Updated Statistics of relief material distribution.
Feb 09 2001

Since the day of disaster, BAPS volunteers and sadhus are traveling far and wide to the most interior villages in affected areas. Till today, total 80 Suburbs of Bhuj and 232 surrounding villages were served by BAPS relief workers.
Distribution statistics
Feb 08 2001 Over 27,000 meals were served today to the affected people. BAPS relief camp has become the major center for every help needed. BAPS also served food to the volunteers of other NGOs like Red Cross Click here for more information.
Feb 07 2001

Government of Gujarat appreciates BAPS relief work:
"BAPS' saints and volunteers are doing the commendable work of distributing food packets, blankets, utensils, tents, tarpaulin and other necessities to the survivors"
                                                                                       - Shri Keshubhai Patel
                                                                                     Chief Minister of Gujarat
Click here to read more.

Feb 06 2001 Another round of essentials distribution was done today in the affected areas of Bhuj and surroundings summing the total distribution to over 148 tons of wheat floor, 118 tons of rice and many more. More figures of today.
Feb 04 & 05 2001

69 suburbs Bhuj city and 158 surrounding villages were served today by BAPS relief workers. For updated figures of the distribution from Bhuj Base camp till today, click here.

Feb 02 & 03 2001

Since last two days, BAPS workers have concentrated on distributing the essentials to the affected. They left Bhuj Base camp early morning with truck loads of food grains, cloths, blankets, water pouches and other commodities. In these two days, volunteers reached the villages around Bhuj, Bhachao, Rapar and Khavada. With help of army, they served the villages near border. They also reached the interior villages of subdistricts Nakhatrana, Mundra and Bhuj. Statistics available here summarizes BAPS distribution of essentials from Bhuj Base Camp as of on Feb 03 2001.

Feb 01 2001

BBC World interviews BAPS relief work

Star News admires BAPS relief work in Bhuj

Detailed report of today's relief work is available here.

Jan 31 2001

Total of over 27,000 to 29,000 people were served daily at relief kitchens in Kachchh district. Total over 12,000 people were served daily at relief kitchens in other areas of Gujarat.
Audio report from Sadhu GnanVatsaldas from BAPS Relief center, Rajkot

Audio report from Sadhu DivyaMurtidas from BAPS, Calcutta

Pre-packed freshly-cooked food, snacks and drinking water pouches were distributed daily to towns and villages in the affected areas. Click here for more info.

Jan 30 2001

More than 4,500 volunteers and 175 saints are active on-site throughout Gujarat. In Bhuj, the city nearest the epicenter, an additional 155 volunteers have arrived this evening from different cities like Surat and Jamnagar.

Jan 29 2001

After quick start of the relief activities in the first three days of the earthquake, BAPS volunteers and saints today started village to village visit and distribution of the essentials. A team of BAPS saints in Amdavad were busy devising plans and strategies for the next coming days. Selected BAPS volunteers from major cities were mobilized to reach BAPS relief center at Bhuj as soon as possible. Trucks from various centers containing essentials left for BAPS relief camp at Bhuj. A ship containing medicines, groceries, blankets and other necessities left from Mumbai to Mundra port near Bhuj.

Jan 28 2001

During the past three days BAPS has been rendering relief work at Bhuj, Bhadra, Morbi, Surendranagar and Ahmedabad. BAPS sadhus and volunteers are working day and night in this mammoth rescue and relief operation. Food packets from all major centers of BAPS are being sent to the affected areas and a special shipment containing over 350 tones of essentials is soon to reach Bhuj - the worst affected area. More detail available here.

Jan 27 2001

A massive aid operation for the earthquake victims has been mobilized through the inspiration of Pramukh Swami Maharaj. For an orchestration of relief work from various BAPS centers, click here.

Jan 26 2001

BAPS sadhus and volunteers provided shelter, food, and medicines for victims and rescue workers in Bhuj, Ahmedabad, Bhadra, Surendranagar. Many other relief works are scheduled to start from tonight. Read here the early report of the day.

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