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Educational Help

In 1993, the Sanstha carried out a 100 % literacy drive in the district of Kheda in Gujarat. 1508 volunteers (970 males and 538 females) of the Sanstha fanned out conducting 842 different classes and courses to teach men and women from all walks of life. 8,162 people learnt to read and write.

In 1990, The United Nations Organization (UNO) declared 1990 and 1991 as Literacy years. The Government of Gujarat introduced a program to make the District of Bhavnagar totally literate in 1991. BAPS sent its male and female volunteers to Bhavnagar to help. Women volunteers of BAPS were specially trained to teach hundreds of women who had never had any form of education. Most of the women couldn’t even write their own name. For them it was a dream come true, a great success. After 6 months, BAPS had helped the Government to achieve a 100% literacy rate in the District of Bhavnagar in Gujarat.

Special Classes
BAPS also organizes special coaching classes for teenage girls giving high school board examinations. These classes have had tremendous success in motivating girls and young women to aim for higher education.

Special classes in computer operating and programming, languages and home economics are conducted for women in some of our centers.

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