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Social Activities Conducted by Women

BAPS women volunteers are extremely active in conducting social activities of all kinds:

  • Medical camps and blood donation camps
  • Literacy drives and helping girls achieve high grades during board examinations
  • Organizing seminars and conventions to help women and their families
  • Helping dowry victims and strive to crush this evil practice altogether
  • Helping victims of natural calamities
  • Cleaning villages and towns and promote mass awareness on hygiene

Relief Work

  • In 1979, floods devastated the district of Morbi, Gujarat, India. It is written down in history as ‘the worst flood disaster of the century in India.’ The floods left thousands of people and cattle dead. BAPS set out immediately to help. Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Head of BAPS requested all BAPS volunteers to go to Morbi immediately.

The women volunteers of BAPS served with zeal.

  • For 15 days, 107 women volunteers of BAPS prepared food for 2,000 victims in Morbi.
  • 300 victims were provided with meals, snacks and lodging in Rajkot.
  • 25,000 cups of tea were distributed free everyday for 13 consecutive days. The tea stalls run by the Sanstha were open 24 hours a day.

Since 1979, women volunteers of BAPS have served society without discrimination of caste, creed, color or community. They served during the famine of Gujarat in 1987. Again, 1993, they prepared food for the earthquake victims of Latur and Osmanabad. During the Pneumonic plague that struck Surat, Gujarat, the women volunteers distributed Tetracycline tablets and mouth-guides. In 1996, they helped victims of the cyclone that hit Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. In 2001, BAPS women volunteers served for many months in the earthquake relief camps preparing and serving hot meals to the victims.

Operation Clean Up
The women volunteers of BAPS organize ‘Village Development’ programs every year, whereby women volunteers from BAPS go to villages to clean slums, water tanks, public roads and streets, mandirs, libraries, schools, clinics, hospitals, and guest-houses.

The women also impart hygiene and cleanliness knowledge to village folk, motivating them to keep their village or town clean.


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