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The three most sacred scriptures are:

The Lord's written Word.
A code of conduct in 212 verses.

The Lord's spoken Word.
Word for word compilation of Lord Swaminarayan's day to day discourses.

Swamini Vato
The Guru's Word.
Excerpts from the spiritual talks of Akshar Brahman Gunatitanand Swami.

     Other major scriptures are:

What do we mean by shastras or scriptures ? A book that contains preaching and commands is called a shastra. A book in accordance with which spiritual knowledge is spread, tenets are established and devotees are governed, is called scripture. The book which enshrines the do's and don'ts of moral conduct and explains the religion of humanity is a scripture. Hinduism can boast of many such scriptures. Whatever our great rishis had realized during their spiritual quest was presented before mankind according to the extent of their realization. These precepts, too, became scriptures.

Of all these scriptures, Lord Swaminarayan revered the books written by Vyas Bhagvan most. Moreover, He has observed in the Vachanamrut, Gadhada Section 11-58: "A sampradaya (sect) flourishes in this way." So saying He remarked, "God who has descended on the earth for the fulfillment of a certain mission or goal, displays Dharma, which refers to His divine glory in all His divine exploits, from His birth till He returns to His heavenly abode. All these go into the making of scriptures which help the Fellowship grow and expand."

Lord Swaminarayan promoted devotional poetry and music among His paramhansas. They were distinguished writers and music maestros. He advocated art, literature and architecture - even today they dominate the spiritual landscape of Gujarat. However, the Lord's eternal gift to humanity is the treasure of spiritual literature He wrote, spoke and inspired.

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